According to a recent study, people who regularly consume chilli peppers have a reduced mortality risk compared with those who never eat chillis.


Eating Chillies could reduce cancer !!!! 1

Chilli peppers are now a global phenomenon.

In more recent times, scientists have focused on capsaicin, the compound that gives chilli their unmistakable punch. According to the authors of the latest study, capsaicin “has been observed to favourably improve cardiovascular function and metabolic regulation in experimental and population studies.”

Other researchers  have concluded that capsaicin might be useful in the fight against neuropathic pain,  arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, and even cancer.

Chillis & Heart

Eating Chillies could reduce cancer !!!! 2

When considering heart disease, the authors found that regular consumers of chilli peppers had a 34% lower risk of cardiovascular mortality than those who rarely consumed chilli peppers.

The beneficial effect was most pronounced in cerebrovascular-related deaths and ischemic heart disease.

When they investigated cancer mortality, they found that although chilli peppers were associated with a drop in risk, it did not reach statistical significance.

The authors analysed deaths caused by anything other than cancer and cardiovascular disease. Here, too, chilli peppers seemed to provide a benefit. The authors write that “regular intakes were associated with lower risk of other causes of mortality.”


How chilli peppers might benefit health is still up for debate, though. Some scientists have theorized that, because capsaicin might aid weight loss, this could explain the benefits.Overall, we can conclude that regular consumption of chilli peppers is associated with a lower risk of total and cardiovascular disease mortality.”


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