A list of lectures delivered

  • Clinical Study of 100 cases of exertional dyspnoea : APICON 1986.
  • Mortality from IHD in a ICCU : APICON 1987.
  • Interferons in CML: 8th Biennial conference of Indian Society of Medical 
& Paediatric Oncology 1995, Indore. (Paper)
  • Impact of ColonyStimulatingFactorsonthepatternofneutropeniaand 
infections in moderately intensive chemotherapy. Award Winning Presentation in Armed Forces Medical Research Committee Meeting Feb 1996 at AFMC, Pune.
  • Chemotherapy of Solid tumours: Medical College Jammu, Nov 1996.
  • Management of Chronic Myeloid leukaemia: National haematology Update, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. March 
  • Preliminary analysis of Alpha Interferon Therapy in Chronic Myeloid 
Leukaemia, AFMRC 1995 (Award Winner), and ISHBT Bangalore 
1994 and Pune 1998.
  • Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: AFMRC 1999, Pune.(Paper)
  • Chemotherapy in Pregnancy: National Conference of Gynae Oncology 
at Gwalior 1999 and Pune 2000.
  • Curable Cancers: Medicine Update AFMS, Pune 1998.
  • Cancer in the Elderly: CME Command Hospital Kolkata, Nov 1999.
  • Medical Management of Cancers: National Update at Manipal Medical College Pokhra, Nepal 1999 and Nursing Symposium 2002 Army Hospital New Delhi.
  • Weekly Paclitaxel and Cisplatin: An effective palliation in Head and neck malignancies: ASIA Pacific Cancer Conference Dec 1999, Chennai.
  • Role of Chemo-protectants in management of cancer. Drug Update at
  • Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology Jan 1999.
Chemotherapy in Pregnancy. National Gynae Update 2000. AFMC, Pune.
  • Chemoradiotherapy in Head and neck Cancers: AH RR New Delhi Nov 2000
  • Management of Infections in neutropenic patients. INHS Asvini Medicine Update Nov 2002
  • Management of Lung Cancers: AHRR New Delhi Feb 2003
  • Chemotherapy in Early Ovarian cancer: Evidence based Medicine at TMH Mumbai, Mar 2003.
  • Dose Dense Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer RGCON Mar 2003 New Delhi
  • Recent Advances in Management of Hodgkin’s Disease. AFMC. Nov 2003.
  • Immunotherapy of NHL :International ISBT Conference, New Delhi Jan 2004
  • Targeted Therapy in Haematological Malignancies: APICON 2004, Hyderabad.
  • Modern Cancer management: In International Seminar in Complementary Therapy in cancer Care at Hyderabad in Feb 2004.
  • Role of Indian Systems of Medicine in Cancer Care –do—
  • Management of Early ovarian cancers: Gynec Oncology Update AIIMS Nov 2004.
  • Role of Erythropoietin in gynaecological Malignancies: national Gynae Oncology: TMH : Nov 2004.
  • Breaking Bad News: 11 th ICON Meeting Sept 2004 Army Hospital New Delhi.
  • Prognostic Factors in ALL: ISO & ISMPO conference Bangalore Nov 2004.
  • Panel Discussion in Management of cancer Cervix : Jan 2005 AFMC Pune.
  • Tumour markers : Clinicians’ view point; AMBI (NEC) April 2005 at Shillong
  • Palliative Chemotherapy in Cancer oesophagus: AFOG experience of Platinum based chemotherapy. April 2005. New Delhi.
  • Ambulatory Management of Low Risk Febrile Neutropenia. Haematology Update AIIMS, August 2005
  • Role of EGFR in cancers: ICON Symposium New Delhi Sept 2005
  • Role of PET scan in Oncology, Clinician’s viewpoint : National Update in Nuclear Medicine, New Delhi October 2005
  • Chemotherapy of Prostate cancers: Symposium on Docetaxel at Mumbai on 17 Dec 2005.
  • Use of Cellphones and Brain Tumours: National Medical and
  • Environmental Update AFMC, Pune December 2005.
  • Febrile Neutropenia: Debate: Escalation of Antibiotics: National Haematology Update at AIIMS March 2006.
  • Recent Advances in prostate cancer: New Delhi August 2006
  • Curable cancers : Medical Society at Aligarh. August 2006.
  • Medical Management of Lung Cancers: National Oncology Update Army Hospital, New Delhi, March 2006.
  • ASCO Highlights: Prostate Cancer; August 2006. New Delhi.
  • An Approach to cancer patient. IMA Ajmer Nov 2006.
  • Recent Advances in Medical Oncology. IMA, Rohtak. December 2006.
  • Chemotherapy of Prostate Cancer: Urological Society of Lucknow. Feb 2007.
  • Myeloid Growth Factors: Current recommendations: CME APICON Goa: 15 Feb 2007.
  • Targeted therapy in Head and Neck cancer: Head and Neck cancer Group (Gujarat). 17 Feb 2007
  • RGCON 2007: Chemotherapy of cervical cancers
  • RGCON 2008: Panel discussion on Multimodal therapy of SCCHN.
  • CML: Recent Advances : Nov 2008 Panel discussion
  • AIIMS: Laryngeal Cancers : Nov 2008 Panel Discussion
  • RGCON 2009: Panel Discussion on Lung Cancer for GP.
  • ASCO Update (Chennai) : Aug 2009: Lung cancers.
  • Best of ASCO 2009: Bangalore; head and neck cancers (Aug 2009)
  • Medical Management of lung cancers ; ASK10, Gurgaon 2010
  • Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in Head and Neck cancers : Debate : 2014, New Delhi
  • Recent advances in Cancers, Kathmandu, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Recent advances in Breast cancer, Gwalior 2015
  • Recent advances in gynecological cancers, Gwalior 2014
  • Recent advances in lung cancer, New Delhi, 2015
  • Intraperitoneal chemotherapy, New Delhi, 2016
  • Recent advances in Colon cancers, New Delhi, 2016
  • Head and neck Cancers in India : Oct 2015, Emory University, Atlanta, USA
  • Genetics and Immunology in Cancers, Karnal, 2016
  • Systemic therapy in Head and Neck cancers, April 2016, ACOS, New Delhi
  • Breakthrough advances in Oncology, Bhiwani, Haryana, May 2016