Max Institute of Cancer Care, Shalimar Bagh

A part of Max Superspeciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.

A multidisciplinary centre to bring alive the CAN in CANCER

Equipped with the latest technology and the most competent cancer experts under one roof, MCC-SB is as comprehensive a centre as one can find in the entire region of Delhi NCR in the field of cancer care. Catering to end-to-end care under the broad specialty of cancer/oncology, the centre consists of:

  • Advanced Imaging Centre with diagnostics and therapeutic facilities
  • Full-fledged treatment facility consisting of surgical, medical & radiation oncology
  • Support services like blood bank, physiotherapy, onco-nursing
  • Counseling & rehabilitative services.
  • Bone marrow transplant 

Max Institute of Cancer Care : Tumor Board

A forum for learning & sharing, to outgrow cancer!

Most essential part of decision making in cancer care where all concerned specialists discuss, opine and decide.

All specialists from medical, surgical and radiation oncology, radiologists, pathologist

Max Institute of Cancer Care : Medical Oncology

Applying the medicine of care!

Consisting of a team of highly experienced plus fully trained medical oncologists (for both adults and pediatric patients), the  Medical Oncology Department is a centre of holistic expertise in the fields of chemotherapy, targeted therapy as well as other newer modalities of therapy.

The medical oncology department further operates at 3 levels:

  1. OPD
  2. Emergency
  3. Day care centre
  1. OPD: Guarantying a minimum lag period between registration and consultation, OPD services offer consultation 6 days a week. Having a unique ‘organ specific’ approach, we segregate each patient, who is then evaluated by a team of oncologists dealing with that specific organ.
  1. Emergency & Critical Care Unit: Available round the clock to handle all oncology emergencies and critically ill patients.
  1. Day Care Centre: A 25 bedded state of the art daycare unit undertakes outpatient’s chemotherapy efficiently by a team of oncology trained and dedicated nurses. The soothing and pleasing ambience added with entertainment of TV and piped music through individual headphones makes chemotherapy a pleasant experience.

Max Institute of Cancer Care : Surgical Oncology

Where the best hands are paired with the best of technology!

At Max Institute of Cancer Care Department of Surgical Oncology, we employ a very unique ‘organ-specific’ approach to treat cancer whenever and wherever surgical intervention is required. The teams routinely treat various forms of cancer like:

  • Breast cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Endocrine tumors
  • Neuroendocrine tumors
  • Tumors of the stomach & small intestines
  • Pancreatic tumors
  • Hepatic tumors
  • Tumors of the gall bladder
  • Tumors of the brain & spine
  • Soft tissue & bone tumors

Other than this, the teams also specialize in other forms of surgery like limb conserving surgery in bone tumors and soft tissue tumor, thoracoscopic & laparoscopic surgery in staging & diagnosis etc.

Max Institute of Cancer Care: Pediatric Oncology

Every child is unique. So is our care.

That’s why Pediatric Oncology is a separate department at Max Institute of Cancer Care. Our goal is to not only cure your child, but also make sure that he/she remains emotionally and psychologically healthy during the treatment journey and beyond. To this effect, our team of experts (including physician & specialists) are competently geared up to treat all types of cancers at any stage (including recurrence); from the most common to the rarest one.

Transplanting hope to replant childhood

The centre offers autologus transplant to children with malignant as well as nonmalignant conditions that include thalassemia, aplastic anemia, immunodeficiency disorders, etc

Max Institute of Cancer Care: Radiology

Mastering the art of minimal intervention for maximum impact!

Apart from being highly proficient with all types of Vascular & Non Vascular interventions, the division also offers the state of the art Digital Mammography, Stereotactic Breast Biopsy services, High Resolution Ultrasound & Color Doppler services for breast and vascular disorders.

Such services include (but are not limited to):

  • Target therapy to tumor with reduced risk of complications/ without surgery
  • Image guided (Ultrasound/ CT guided) fine needle aspiration & biopsies from various regions
  • Biopsy from kidney
  • Biopsy from breast
  • Biopsy from liver
  • Biopsy from bone
  • Biopsy from tumors in various regions
  • Digital Mammography
  • High resolution Soon-mammography
  • Ultrasound guided breast FNAC
  • Stereotactic guided Core breast biopsy

Max Institute of Cancer Care: Nursing Staff.

Nursing life with a combination of hope, care & expertise!

We ensure that our team of dedicated nurses constantly support, encourage and care deeply for our patients and their loved ones, both emotionally as well as medically. They are trained to be a very capable right-hand of our team of specialists by helping them administer chemotherapy.

Moreover the chemotherapy drug admixture is done in a separate designated room with laminar airflow (Biosafety cabinet) to ensure highest standard of patient and nursing staff safety. We have a regular training program to keep them updated.

Max Institute of Cancer Care: Rehabilitation & Follow-up.

Where support plays an equal role with therapy!

We at Max Institute of Cancer Care take pride in offering our patients the very best of supportive care facilities. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Physiotherapy & rehabilitation services
  • Psycho-social counselling
  • Support group therapies
  • Palliative care including pain management

Max Institute of Cancer Care: Support Services

All it takes is a pat on the back. But we offer more.

We at Max Institute of Cancer Care believe that a successful medical or surgical intervention in cases of cancer is only half the battle won. That’s why we commit an extremely robust and proficient support service system towards effecting favorable clinical outcomes. The support services, which are round-the-clock and extended to each and every patient include:

  • Chemotherapy counselling
  • Dietary counselling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation services

Other notable facilities that exist as an extension to our support systems are

  • Round the clock blood bank supplying blood and blood products
  • Pathology
  • Well-stocked 24×7 open pharmacy offering chemotherapeutic and other medicines
  • Award winning emergency services with fully equipped advanced life-support ambulances
  • Well managed ICU

Talking helps!

Integrated to our support systems, is our unique approach to undertake exhaustive counseling sessions prior to beginning of new chemotherapy. This is especially done to address apprehensions and allay doubts of the patients with regard to disease, treatment and diet. Our chemotherapy counselor conducts individual, family as well as group counseling sessions, depending on case-by-case requirement.

Following up, so that cancer doesn’t follow!

We understand that a vigorous and timely follow-up regimen constitutes a major component of treatment as well as eventual cure for cancer. A dedicated team in the OPD tracks the treatment phases of patients and keeps proactive reminders of their follow up regimen. Further on all the administrative services like appointment, billing, and admissions department are properly managed by various & dedicated standalone teams.

Max Institute of Cancer Care: Prevention

Prevention is always a better proposition than cure!

Medical facts unfortunately portray that 1 out of 14 people will get affected by cancer in their lifetime. The very same facts also state that early detection of cancer is the key to a complete cure in the majority of the cases. That’s why; we at Max Institute of Cancer Care make available an entire gamut of cancer-screening programs, packages & services with the aim of preventing & detecting cancer with timely & accurate diagnosis.

A little advice does no harm!

At Max Institute of Cancer Care, it remains our constant endeavor to regularly educate patients on subjects like smoking cessation, adoption of healthy lifestyles, nutritional supplements, counseling sessions, recreational and rehabilitative measures, breast and other prosthetic implants etc.

Max Cancer Centre: Radiation Oncology & Nuclear Medicine Centre

Max Cancer Centre is geared to establish the state of the art Radiation Oncology Department & Nuclear Medicine center with best machines and experts very soon.