Col R Ranga Rao....."He is a Highly Professional, Competent, Patient Listener & full of Compassion. A Oncology doctor with *Strong Work Ethics*". He has a sound knowledge & Indeed is Passionate about his work. These are few amongst a long list of Great Qualities what Dr R Ranga Rao has.....!He Patiently understands your Ailment & gives a just treatment. He could handle my wife's Oncology treatment very well in 2002 & now in 2015 with ease. With ease, that she could get back to work & fully regain her health, back then & now... We owe all our gratitude to him.We would strongly recommend him to One & All.Thanks & God Bless You Dr Rao & the entire team of "Department of Oncology" at Max Hosp, Shalimar Bagh.

For emergency cases        +91-9810252787 / +91-9810297787

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